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Visit the inventory of PROVINCES de FRANCE by clicking on the images below to see our miscellaneous

French antique books, 18th & 19th century

French chandeliers

Crystal de Lorraine

French scale

French terracotta candle-holder

Resin pots from Landes Region, circa 1850

Large French Fleur de Lys, earthenware

Old French wrought iron candelabra, for four candles

Authentic French hand painted porcelain egg box trinket signed Movitex

Old pair of French wrought iron sconces, for four candles

Sconces made with French antique roof-tiles, circa 1820

Set of 12 old dining knives from France in original box, stainless steel blade

Lot of old irons

French old coins

Old wine bottles from vineyards, circa 1880

Very rare large French Alsatian brown handmade pottery fish mold, 19th century

French Vine stock corkscrew

Set of 4 French old brown glazed handpainted plates from Alsace France

Large collection of "Le Petit Journal" newspapers print in the 1890's

Large collection of French newspapers printed during WWI

Statue of Joan of Arc, spelter and wood base, early 1900's

Rare & old French enamel Street sign "Rue Schickele", from Obernai, Alsace

Old French book prints Napoleon Imperial guard uniforms, Editions 1968 Du Chene

Limestone fountain from Southwestern France

and more in our inventory...